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FNF Vs Kevin The Golbin

FNF Vs Kevin The Golbin is a comically entertaining Friday Night Funkin' mod that playfully disrupts the conventional rap-battle scenario by introducing players ...


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About FNF Vs Kevin The Golbin

Prepare for a hilarious and whimsical adventure as Boyfriend faces an unexpected rap-battle challenger in the Friday Night Funkin' Vs Kevin The Golbin mod. Delving into the realm of humor, this intentionally misspelled mod introduces players to a green goblin named Kevin from the Rec Room game, adding a playful twist to the FNF universe.

In this joke mod, the Boyfriend finds himself in a rap battle against the mischievous Kevin The Golbin. As the beats drop, the humorous atmosphere takes center stage, creating a light-hearted and entertaining gameplay experience.


Navigate through the beats, hit the notes with a grin, and synchronize your moves with the music to outwit Kevin in this comical rap battle. Vs Kevin The Golbin doesn't take itself too seriously, offering players a chance to enjoy the lighter side of Friday Night Funkin' with a playful twist.

As players progress through the mod, they'll encounter the goblin mischief of Kevin, adding a touch of chaos to the rhythm-based gameplay. It's a delightful departure from the usual intensity, inviting players to embrace the laughter and enjoy the humorous banter between Boyfriend and Kevin.


FNF Vs Kevin The Golbin is not your typical Friday Night Funkin' mod; it's a comedic escapade that brings the green goblin mischief of Rec Room into the rap-battle arena. With intentional misspellings and a playful atmosphere, this mod is a breath of fresh air for those seeking a lighter, more amusing FNF experience. Download the mod now, join Boyfriend and Kevin in their lighthearted duel, and revel in the laughter that awaits in this joke mod. After all, who said rap battles can't be downright hilarious?

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