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FNF KeroKero Underground

FNF KeroKero Underground

FNF KeroKero Underground is an electrifying Friday Night Funkin' mod that catapults players into the rhythmic streets of Tokyo. This vibrant and dynamic rhythm ...


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About FNF KeroKero Underground

Prepare for a rhythmic showdown like no other as Friday Night Funkin' introduces KeroKero Underground, a vibrant rhythm game and FNF mod that takes Boyfriend on a rap battle escapade against the enigmatic Keroshi. Set against the neon-lit streets of Tokyo and fueled by the beats of "Murder Dance," this mod promises a funky fresh experience that brings the underground scene to life.


In the heart of Tokyo's lively streets, Boyfriend finds himself in an unexpected rap battle against the elusive Keroshi. Armed with magnetic rollerblades and a can of spray paint, Keroshi sets the stage for a rhythmic clash beneath the neon lights. As the beats drop, a curious crowd gathers, ready to witness the funky showdown.

Keroshi, the frog-boy with a mysterious aura, takes center stage, evoking the vibes of the early 2000s. Sporting magnetic rollerblades and a rebellious spirit, he blends beats and graffiti, setting the stage for a funky fresh encounter that transcends time.

As the rap battle kicks off, players must navigate Boyfriend through the rhythmic challenges posed by Keroshi. The beats of "Murder Dance" serve as the backdrop to this underground clash, capturing the essence of Tokyo's vibrant street culture.

KeroKero Underground not only delivers funky fresh beats but also introduces a layer of mystery. What's Keroshi's deal, and what is he hiding behind the graffiti-covered streets of Tokyo? The mod weaves a narrative of curiosity and intrigue, enticing players to uncover the secrets within the rhythmic beats.


FNF KeroKero Underground is not just a mod; it's a rhythmic journey through the neon-lit streets of Tokyo, where beats, graffiti, and mystery converge. Join Boyfriend in this funky fresh encounter, face off against Keroshi, and immerse yourself in the underground beatdown that unfolds beneath the city lights. Download the mod now and get ready to dance to the rhythm of KeroKero Underground!

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