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FNF Reroy

FNF Reroy is a whimsically entertaining Friday Night Funkin' mod that introduces players to a unique and comical rap battle experience. In this musical showdown, ...


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About FNF Reroy

Get ready for a whimsical and musical showdown as Friday Night Funkin' introduces a charming new mod – FNF Reroy. In this rhythm-packed adventure, players find themselves in a rap battle like no other, as Boyfriend faces off against the doll Tails armed with a saxophone, all set to the catchy tune of Reroy.

Reroy unfolds as doll Tails takes center stage, showcasing newfound musical prowess with a saxophone. The whimsical atmosphere sets the stage for a rhythmic duel that promises both laughs and a unique musical experience.


Navigate the beats, hit the right notes, and synchronize your moves with the saxophone serenade to outshine Tails in this delightful rap battle. FNF Reroy offers a gameplay experience that combines the signature mechanics of Friday Night Funkin' with the playful twist of a saxophone showdown.

As the tunes of Reroy fill the air, players will find themselves immersed in a musical collaboration that merges the iconic FNF style with the comical charm of Tails and his saxophone. The mod not only brings a fresh musical dynamic to the game but also introduces a lighthearted narrative twist.

FNF Reroy doesn't just focus on the beats; it adds an element of charm and comedy to the rap battle arena. The mod's whimsical approach ensures that players not only enjoy the rhythmic challenges but also revel in the playful banter between Boyfriend and the saxophone-wielding doll Tails.


FNF Reroy is not your typical Friday Night Funkin' mod; it's a saxophone-infused rap battle extravaganza that promises laughter, charm, and a fresh musical experience. 

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