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FNF Nightmare Unifunk

FNF Nightmare Unifunk is a haunting and intense Friday Night Funkin' mod that thrusts players into the depths of darkness. As a chilling sequel to Boyfriend's ...


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About FNF Nightmare Unifunk

Embark on a haunting journey as Boyfriend faces new challenges in the Friday Night Funkin' Nightmare Unifunk mod. Taking place in the aftermath of Boyfriend's victory against Exeller, a new adversary emerges in the form of Exetior, setting the stage for a chilling and dark rhythmic experience.


In this demo version featuring three ominous songs, players step into the shoes of Boyfriend once again as he confronts the nightmarish world of Unifunk. The narrative unfolds as Boyfriend seeks to conquer Exetior, adding an extra layer of intensity to the FNF universe.

As players progress through the mod, the gameplay intensifies, presenting a formidable challenge that demands precision and skill. Nightmare Unifunk not only captivates with its eerie narrative but also pushes players to their rhythmic limits in a quest for victory against the demonic forces.


FNF Nightmare Unifunk is not just a mod; it's a chilling and intense rhythmic experience that plunges players into the darkest corners of the Friday Night Funkin' universe. With its three haunting songs, the demo offers a glimpse into the nightmarish encounters that await Boyfriend in his quest against Exetior. Download the mod now, confront the shadows, and experience the rhythmic darkness that defines Nightmare Unifunk.

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